In September last year, I decided to pack my bags and take off to Hong Kong for an educational trip with Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Tourism board. Three words – best trip ever.

It didn’t stop bucketing the entire time I was there, but it takes more than a bit of rain (or a lot) to stop me. I went horse racing in Happy Valley, the only place in Hong Kong where gambling is legal, and managed to win $500 while I was there!

One thing about Hong Kong that really stood out to me was the amazing tall skyscrapers; and when I say they are tall, I mean it. I took an awesome open top bus tour, watching the skyscrapers and people going about their day. Hong Kong is a fascinating place, I could have sat on that bus and watched the energetic buzz all day long.

I visited one of the tallest bars in the world, Ozone, and drank expensive champagne which I purchased with my Happy Valley winnings; well-deserved, I thought. The view up there was indescribable. It sure felt incredible to be in a sky bar that high, 118 floors to be exact.

I went on a Hong Kong Foodie & Walking tour and, to be honest, I saw some messed up stuff they consume! Luckily I’d made the last-minute decision to eat a McDonalds meal 30 minutes before the tour. I’m pretty sure I won’t be adopting their way of eating any time soon. However I did eat the biggest apple I have ever seen, it almost covered my entire face as I tried to gnaw at it.

I spent a night in Lan Kwai Fong, engaging in its thriving night life and spending more of my winnings. I also visited lots of fabulous temples in Hong Kong and looked forward to the busy night markets most evenings. However, one of my favourite evenings in Hong Kong was when I went on an old Junk boat for a sunset sail accompanied with some tasty wine.

And last, but not least, I met one of my best friends yet during my trip. I would recommend a visit to Hong Kong to anyone.

Written by

Lilly Rutherford

Frequent Flyer Manager and Airfares Specialist