Worldwide Travel Specialist Blair Johnstone went to Florida and of course, she couldn’t miss out on ticking Disney World off her list. Here is Blair’s Global Guide to Disney World Orlando and her top tips on how to make the best of your time!

After a long trip flying into Orlando I won’t lie, all I wanted to do was become friends with my bed and sleep to my heart’s content; As I was driving towards my hotel,  however,  there was nothing that could keep that smile from creeping up on my face knowing that Walt Disney World was just there, around the corner!

If Walt Disney World Orlando is on your travel plans, here are my tips for you!

1. Some hotels on the outskirts of Walt Disney World are still classed as Disney Hotels. They offer free shuttles to each of the Disney Worlds departing every 30 minutes starting from around 8 am and the last one heading back around 10 pm. (depending on your park)

2. Plan your day ahead. It might seem trivial, but there is so much to see and do so it’s important to work out which World you want to travel to first. Planning what you want to see and do and in which order will help you maximise your time!

3. Some Worlds will take a full day so ensure you have allocated plenty of time! If you are limited on time you want to plan to fill each day effectively.

4. Every World has its own end of the night show. The show can be anything from Fireworks to light shows, so if you have time see as many as you can!



5. You’re allowed to take your own food in.

This is a great way to save you from

long waits in lines and inflated prices

(save that for the souvenirs and those mickey mouse ears!)

You don’t want to pay $32 for that Hotdog – they are 2 foot

long though so you might want to try one.




6. Walt Disney World has its own app. The app includes a map of each park and waiting times for the rides. It also comes with loads of other features which are extremely helpful!- I didn’t think I would use it but as I have never been there before, it was helpful knowing where the closest toilets were – there is next to no staff walking around.

7. Without a FastPass+ be prepared for some long waits for the popular rides – if you get a yearly pass to Walt Disney World you can pre-book the time frames of your rides before anyone else.


8. Each World offers its own experience – Magic Kingdom has dance parades; Animal Kingdom offers a safari;

Hollywood Studios has the new Star Wars area and Epcot gives you a small taste of the world.

Street Parade at Magic Kingdom 


9. You will have to pass security on the way in. If you have a bag or a backpack be prepared for security to look through it. The more prepared you are on arrival, the faster you will get into the World.

10. Don’t pass up on the classic rides! Attractions like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party or the Merry-Go-Round are a must-do. The lines move really quickly and they’re fun for all ages, young and the young at heart – that merry-go-round is a lot faster than I remembered so, be warned!!

Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom were definitely my favourite and will be locked in my memory forever (and my future travel plans!).

Disney World Castle



In the words of Walt Disney

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing

So go book those tickets to Walt Disney World and

make wonderful memories!