Do you know Wendy is from the Gold Coast – She is such a beach girl at heart.

Looking at her, you would never guess that our Wendy is a gold Coast gal through and through.

Spending half the week travelling back and forth between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, she is happy to endure the drive to ensure she gets her fun in the sun and that beach blonde hair (making sure her cats and Frenchie get their relaxation in too).

Wendy has travelled the world looking for that elusive perfect beach but has come to the conclusion that we do have the best beaches in the world right here.

Wendy lives half the week in Brisbane, half the week at the Gold Coast and yes, packs up the Cat and French Bulldog for the journey each way.

Aphrodite peacocking his new walking outfit.

For those who are happy with a book on the beach working on that summer tan glow, this is the place to be. Similarly for the shop-a-holics, you will have your shopping of choice and will more than likely catch Wendy shopping up a storm in the many shopping outlets, or walking Sabine (her Frenchie Bulldog) along the beach.

 She still lists beaching, shopping and eating as her hobbies, that is why Dubai, The Caribbean, Bali, Thailand and Southern Spain, Italy and Croatia, are still her go-to destinations.

Setting herself the challenge to explore the world for a beach that matches that of the Gold Coast, she has admitted that although some come extremely close, nothing can compare to home but home is where the heart is after all.



About Wendy…

Wendy McSwaine

First, Business and Luxury Concierge

Wendy founded Global Jetsetting with her primary school best friend, Lyn Carter, many years ago.

What started as a two man team has grown into the Global Jetsetting we know today – eleven staff over two offices.

Wendy has now been in the Travel Industry 37 years. Yes, she started when she was 10!

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