With its 7000 km-long coastline and close to 2000 islands the Sunshine State has something for everyone, from the adventure seekers to the luxury lovers. While There is no doubt that Hamilton Island, the Whitsundays, Fraser Island and Tangalooma are some of Australian traveller’s favoured destinations, if you are ready for something different, these less-known incredible islands will make you want to pack your bag and escape to paradise!


Bedarra Island

Located just off Mission Beach, this is truly one of Australia’s most exclusive destinations. If you are after luxury, peace and quiet this is the perfect island for you; the resort has a capacity of only 32 guests and will arrange any activity from pampering spa treatments to scuba diving excursions.


Haggerstone Island

This secluded slice of paradise is located right off the coast of Cape York Peninsula. The island is privately owned hence why only a small number of guests at a time can access the lodges. Here you will experience the perfect full immersion into the unique Australian fauna. The island is home to the largest Green Turtle rookeries in the world and if you love your snorkelling and diving, you won’t be disappointed by the wonderful variety of fish that inhabit the Great Barrier Reef.


Orpheus Island

If you are looking for a place to explore the underwater world, Orpheus Island should be your next destination. Sitting right within the heart of the GBR, you will have direct access to the 1500 species of marine life who frequent its pristine waters. The resort can only cater for 28 guests hence why the best way to describe your stay is pure rejuvenating luxury.


Hayman Island

Hayman Island is a beautiful tropical paradise located north of the Whitsundays Islands. Its central location makes it in fact the perfect hub for visiting local landmarks like Whitehaven Beach and the Great Barrier Reef. You won’t find difficult to lose yourself in Hayman Island’s natural beauty. Enjoy the sight of grassy cliffs and crystal-clear waters while immersing yourself in this luxurious private paradise experience.



Lady Elliot Island

Lady Elliot Island is located south of the Great Barrier Reef not too far from Bundaberg. The island itself sits within the highly protected ‘Green Zone’, providing safe shelter to the local marine life. This is the perfect snorkelling sanctuary to spot manta rays, turtles, fish, and vibrant coral.