Begroeting/Hola/Kamusta my name is Jasmin Rosales Van Den Brink. Gasp for a  breath! Hahaha It is a long name I know!

I consider myself lucky to have a background that offers 3 very different cultures. Dutch, Spanish & Filipino. My Dad was born in the home of the main naval base North of Netherlands, a place called Den Helder.

Den Helder, only 1 hour drive south to the Artistic Heritage city Amsterdam, is surrounded by water on three sides; by the North Sea, the Wadden Sea and the Marsdiep. The nearby island of Texel can be reached in only 20 minutes with the regularly operating car ferries and a day trip is always worthwhile. Once on the island visitors can enjoy about 30 km of white sandy beach stretch and many nature reserves.

Then I take you briefly to Spain, specifically North of Madrid, to a small town called Rosales. Even though the town is small and quaint, it plays a part in some amazing Intermediate hiking trails in the area. In 1565 the Spaniards colonized the Philippines and left an impression on the local culture, food and religion.  This is where I was born and many of my upbringing values came from.

I come from a small village called Baliti Magalang Pampanga where the family farmed heavily. When I visit I am humbled by knowing how lucky I am to call Australia home. This place has so much beauty and my family there are happy with simplistic things. Here I was taught hard-working values and how to appreciate the opportunities I have available to me.


Some hidden gems in the Philippines that offer untouched stunning natural beauty


Kalanggaman Island

The island of Kalanggaman is famous for its crystal clear water, white powdery sand and long sandbars stretching on both sides of the island.







I personally like adventure, so I would choose to ride the ATV to experience the amazing Chocolate Hills from afar or up close and with a bit of luck, spot the Tarsier Monkeys that inhabit the area.









About Jasmin…



Jasmin Van Den Brink
Corporate Travel & Sport Events Specialist

That moment when you see something so remarkable it makes you hold your breath

is why Jasmin became a Travel Specialist and has been doing it for 7 years.


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