Who would have thought that our loud, born and bred Brissie girl Blair, has history in the little quaint and quiet town of Kippen, Scotland.

Boasting one garage, one pub and one Inn, this town offers unbeatable scenery, beautiful walks, picturesque opulence and a gateway to some of the major sites in Scotland. For those driving through Scotland and heading into the Highlands, Kippen offers a great place to stop and stretch your legs. A 15 minute trip from Stirling, or even a 1 hour drive from Edinburgh, this little town provides that quick toilet and coffee break before continuing on to visit Loch Ness, Oban and even Fort William.



If heading through this town, be prepared for some very cold weather. Growing up hearing the nursery rhyme ‘Look out look out Jack Frost is about, he’s after your fingers and toes’, offers an insight to those chilly temperatures.

Reaching a top of 19 degrees in summer, ensure you have your woolies packed and readily available.

Blair’s Family Tartan




About the Blair…….

Blair Johnstone

Executive Assistant

Blair, started her career in Tourism with some of the biggest firms in the industry.

She then found her niche in Cruise Travel and progressed her career specialising in

Exclusive Membership and VIP clients.

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