From Hidden secrets to stunning views you can truly get it all in this wonderous destination. As you walk the streets of Istanbul it is cool with a nice breeze. The wind carries the smells of roasted chestnuts and toasted corn on the cob. People are bustling around getting to work, attending to their prayers at the mosque whilst the tourists are absorbing all to see. The Hagia Sophia once an Greek Orthodox Christian Cathedral now an Ottoman Imperial Mosque serving as a museum of history and stunning architecture with a story.

But as you delve into exploring the secrets of the underground city will you truly understand where Istanbul has come from. It is quiet and you are left with your thoughts of what this place was. Who stood were I am standing?

Gallipoli, well what can I say. When you arrive you see the trenches where our future was shaped from this event. You walk around and just take the time to think of those who were brave enough to stand for their people no matter the cost.


Troy was just old fashion fun break on my travels. The replica horse sets the scene of all the stories we had been told. There is dress up time to relive the secretive battle plan.

On my journey you would come across endless food to sample…..well maybe more than sample. Bring on the stretchy pants…Hahahaha  My travels continued to tick all of it off. The Library of Celsus showing stunning architectures and many questions as to how such a structure was built with only the hands of workers. The place also offered the highly effective Amphitheatre. Just imaging what a show would be like in such as place and who had performed there in its prime. The wonders of Pumakkale boasting a mineral-rich thermal water flow down white travertine terraces on a nearby hillside.


As I leave my last destination in Turkey to head to Dubai it begins to lightly snow. My hair is lightly kissed with snow and I can’t help but feel like it is my own little personal send off and thankyou from Turkey for visiting.

As I return on my Emirates flight with the pleasure of experiencing the A380 Business Class, I reminisce on how lucky I am. Lucky to have marvelled at a country, created new and unlikely friendship and to discover how stunning our world is through my own eyes and others. This is what travel is all about, becoming richer in heart and in knowledge.

Turkey Snow