When To Book Your 2021-2022 Holiday To Get The Best Deal

We know that just like us, you are looking forward to your future holidays so we asked Lilly, one of our senior consultant, when is the best time to book your 2021-2022 holiday to make sure you get the best deal.

In 12 years working in travel, these are certainly unprecedented times. Who could have ever predicted that the entire world was going to be asked to stand still all together? But while the travel restrictions are slowly easing making sure it is safe for us to start roaming the globe once again, we have been observing some interesting changes within the industry which have made right now the best time to snatch some of the most impressive deals we have ever seen; here’s why:

1. Flexible Cancellation Terms 

Tour operators and cruise lines understand that clients want security when putting their hard-earned $$ towards a new holiday. A lot of providers have reviewed their policies offering the most flexible terms and conditions on new bookings meaning you can book with confidence and peace of mind.

2. Frequent Flyer Points

Frequent flyers out there know, getting seats with points is great but often the choice of date and flight is governed by the limitations of availability. Due to the decrease in bookings caused by travel bans, we have observed most Airlines increasing the allocations of rewards seats. As a result, right now there is lots of availability coming with the incredible flexibility that only frequent flyer reservations can give you.

3. Support the industry

Just like it is crucial to support our economy and the local businesses right now, some of our favourite holiday destinations heavily rely on international tourism for their economy to flourish. Any future booking right now will help support independent businesses and local providers in all those destinations that have been heavily affected during the pandemic.

4. Focus On the Positive

There is nothing better than counting down the days to your next adventure. This has been a tough year for all of us, especially if the trip you were looking forward to has been cancelled. In times like this, it’s important to keep the morale high and find things to look forward to, after all, this is only a see you soon, not a goodbye to our future holidays.

5. ‘Once in A Lifetime Experiences’ sell out 2 years in advance

While booking 2 years in advance might seem a long term commitment, those who have ever booked an expedition to some of the most pristine and remote destinations know that this type of timing is standard practice for the ‘Once In A Lifetime Experiences’. Now is your opportunity to book destinations like Antarctica and the Arctic, Northern lights regions, Lapland, Patagonia, or Galapagos with lots of availability, flexible payment options, and prices like you have never seen them before. 

6. 2022 trips at 2020 prices

As travel agents, we are often asked for good deals out there. Well, right now there sure are! To make it worth your while tour operators, cruise lines and various providers are putting out some amazing deals for your future travel including price drops, reduced deposits and the most flexible cancellation and change fee we have seen in years.’ 


About Lilly…


Lilly Rutherford
Elite Advisor and Membership Rewards Manager

Do you have millions of frequent flyer points? Lilly is our resident Frequent Flyer Manager – she will manage those points and find those seats for you. Lilly has twelve years of experience within the travel industry. Hailing from the mother country, she has worked with worldwide law firms, Prada and BP Oil, all managing their travel requirements.


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